Toxic People

You know while I was sitting here writing this letter I had to ask myself this question, Why do people who in the past insist of still trying to cause trouble, problems or feel the need to run to other people with such info that’s said in other sites or rooms?

I sit here and wonder why, why do you or those of you who strive to cause trouble keep trying to cause them, and for the life of I me I just don’t get it and just don’t understand nor am I even trying to understand the need to take such news of what’s said in different chat rooms and run to another person with that info of what was said. What purpose does it serve anymore.

In a way it saddens me to be writing a post such as this but it was needed to be said. For those of you who have been part of chat sites or were in chat rooms and now for those who have their own sites. The questions is – Why do you still feel it is still necessary to keep trying to flog a dead horse or yet even bother to try and keep drumming up the past. Why do you continue to insist of doing so?

What’s wrong with you? Look none of us are perfect and yes all of us has made mistakes and yes we even got caught up in the mess of things. Even I found myself at one point of getting caught up in all of this chat room junk and drama, Look folks Satan is good at this.

But it came a point of my life when I saw the errors of my ways and I saw how it was causing me great deal of harm and THB here, it was not who I was nor what I should have been. So thank God he dealt with me and shown me that I had to repent and move on and leave those who continue in this mess alone and part ways.

But sadly many of you have not repented or will not let it go, well don’t sit here and read this and say well yes I have repented and act like you did because if you did, all of the past events, drama or the garbage would no longer be part of you. Don’t sit here and say who are you to be saying this with your holy than thou attitude, the fact remains you have not and yet you are still clinging to the past, My God what is wrong with you. The problem is your hanging on to the past and not letting it go.

For those of you, If your reading this and if your one of the many who still insist of coming to this site to feed me info saying do you know that so and so was talking about you or did you know so and so was saying bad things about you and this site. Well people WHO CARES what the person or persons is saying, because you need to keep that to yourself because I don’t want to hear it.

Why are you still hanging onto wounds of the past? Better yet how can we be Christians when we have not given up the past life of who we once were? Don’t we have to be reborn a new person to become a Christian? That’s what the bible tells us.

Some Christians still have battle scars from the past that have never gone away. When we keep the hurt within our attitude, we keep chipping away at it every single day and it never heals. We can’t seem to let the past go – we want to keep bringing up the hurt or the wrong and it keeps us from truly acknowledging Christ for our life. We shouldn’t allow our past to determine our future.

The truth is if we want a happy and fulfilled life we need to give up the past and allow God to bring in today. But today will never come if we keep wallowing in what was.

What was is something that hurt us deeply but is now dead and buried. If you are alive in Christ you can’t bring what is dead with you –you must leave it behind where it belongs or either stay buried with it. Sadly many of you are still blind and do not see the truth and will not let go of the past. Why?

The reason for this is because too many Christians are bound up in their past – and as a result, they cannot fully live in their present. Before you can really start to move forward in your divine destiny with the Lord – you will first have to learn how to let your past fully go.

2nd Corinthians 13:5 says – Examine yourselves to see whether you are in the faith; test yourselves. Do you not realize that Christ Jesus is in you – unless, of course, you fail the test?

So why do so many who still claim to call themselves Christians, claim to say they are of Christ, claim to be your friends and yet they hang on to the past and still feel it’s within their rights to attack you and say such bad things about you rather than letting it all go, or better yet just walk away from that past and just shut their mouths and move on with their life.

Well the reason you or others cannot let go is because they have became Toxic.

We’ve all met them: they are the people who drain you of energy instead of enriching you, they are people who pull you down instead of pushing you up, they are people who require more then they can provide; the negative, wining, needy, manipulative people who can turn a happy day into a living hell.

To me, when something is toxic, it is harmful to be around. A toxic thing poisons and infects whatever it touches, killing life and destroying good things. It spreads like a sickness and must be fought, must be contained. And I see this toxicity in a big part of Christianity and other religions today.

I know there are lots of people who are decent and good in this world. Some of them subscribe to one of the many religions humankind’s devised, with some of those choosing Christianity as their religion. Being Christian has nothing whatsoever to do with being decent and good, just as being decent and good has nothing whatsoever to do with being Christian.

So I believe the best way to deal with toxic people is to not deal with them at all; to avoid them. In some cases it may not be an option, but more often than not, it is.

But then again, the Scriptures repeatedly warn us to guard our own hearts and minds, and look out for our own spiritual well being. There are some people whose spirits are so toxic that we have to just cut off contact completely.

So when you have to go this route and cut them off, what happens next or how do they act, sadly many go on the warpath and say your the one who is not of Christ  or your not a True Christian or you do not know Jesus.  So why do these people treat you in this manner.

Sadly because they are blind and yes do not see the real issue and it’s because they are toxic and refuse to see the underlying issue. Because of what they are you have to cut ties with them and when you do so in order to get away from it, your label the bad person.

So when you avoid toxic people and you set boundaries with them, they frequently resort to accusing you, saying bad things about you complaining and playing the victim in an attempt to get you to change your behavior towards them.

One of the worst things you can do when this happens is to defend yourself. It is usually a futile action and it only keeps an immature dialog going which eventually helps the toxic person get what they want. You won’t get anywhere with them by defending yourself and your actions no matter what you say.

So why did I remove myself from these toxic people I have encounter in many chat sites or rooms, it was very simple no matter what I said or how hard I tried to be nice with them or tried to look past their faults, they still had a hidden agenda that forced me to say enough is enough and I am done with you.

Proverbs 23:9: Do not speak to fool, for he will scorn the wisdom of your words.

There are people who are committed to being negative, and nothing is going to move them from that position. To try to change them is futile and indeed that person will treat you with scorn. So, there are times that you cannot have a positive effect on a negative person, regardless of how kind your words may be or how good your motives are, it’s pointless.

Whatever you do, don’t allow that negative person to drag you down to negative territory. Toxic people are dangerous to you. They can be annoying, obnoxious, irritating and depressing. They can dampen your spirits. They can ruin your reputation or even worst shipwreck your true relationship with God.

The toxic person or persons, lacks empathy and sympathy, is completely devoid of a conscience, and derives pleasure from others’ suffering. But they can be very charming, charismatic, and almost cast a spell over their victims.

For those of you who are drawn to them and it takes time before you realize who they really are. They appear to be good, but in reality are “wolves in sheep’s clothing.” But once you leave them or stay away from them they attack you and call you a traitor, backstabber, thief or your not Christ like.

These people are ones who makes a claim or their thought process is a Victim Mentality this is where a person says, “I’m a victim,” in order to try and fool you or pull you back into their mist. Be warned of these people and stay away from them.

So for those  you who are lurking on this site, reading and trying to get into the chat room or those who do hang out in the chat room to see what info you can get in order to run back to others to spread the gossip or talks or to try and cause division.

Do me a favor and stop, leave me and us alone, don’t come running to this site and feed info to me to say did you know so and so from the from other site (s) or chat rooms was talking about you or this place. I no longer care nor want to hear all this junk, nor do I want to hear such talks anymore.

Enough was enough and no more, I no longer care to hear or entertain the gossip anymore, bottom line I Just don’t care to be part of it.  I stopped that nonsense because it serves no purpose to act that way, so now that I am no longer bothering you, why should you come and bother me with that nonsense?

I have better things to focus on than what you think or what was said in your site or what the other person says about this place or me, just keep it to yourself  from now own or go bother someone else who wants to be part of that mess.

You can get mad reading this, or get bent out of shape over this article, you know what, talk about me all you want, talk about this site all you want, talk till you turn blue in your face, you know what?


God bless you.


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