Worrying about what they think? – Jim Moran

When you start worrying about who likes you and who don’t…when you end up filtering the words that come from your mouth as in you speak so as not to offend instead of speaking the truth…then you ended up on the wrong path…let those who mock you do so and those who walk away from you, let them go…be true to God first and foremost and in doing so you’ll be true to yourself…say what you mean and mean what you say as long as the words you speak line up with The Word then no lies will come from your mouth…Did not Jesus die for you?, then will you not live for Him?

So true Jim thanks for this wise words that was needed. Yes in the past their have been many that came and gone in the chat room, many I called Friends, but later to find out when I had to deal with them, speak the truth in love even to a point where it  hurted me the most to say the truth them and yes even walk away from them, Then I was label the bad guy and mean person one who did not care.

So now many former members and folks I called friend even resort to slander, attacks and even running to the enemy’s camp to feed the so called gossip train. Hummm and they were folks who called themselves Christians. Well to be honest here if they were true to God and themselves they would not be doing such or acting in that manner. The reason many act this way is lacking the discernment of the Holy Spirit, because if he was with them they would know they are doing wrong.

Be warned these are the folks who will sweet talk you, be your friends, even hug you while holding the knife in the other hand to stab you in the back. These are the type of people who will not admit the truth to themselves to say yes I take full blame, yes I am wrong yes I need to repent and tell everyone the problem was not with me, but the problem was with them and they lost their ways and they were wrong.

I worried about many of them and still did till I read this post, but I still love them and hope once day they will truly repent and come back and said BrotherJim I am sorry, Brother Jim I was wrong and should not have done what I did and take full blame for my actions. I know many of you are lurking here on this site and will be reading this or even attempting to hide behind masked ip’s or fake account to get into the chat room.

All I can say is I pray and hope God will open your eyes to the truth and you see your ways before it’s too late. Many who came to this point and repented we spoke and prayed and praised God for us to repent, we ended up putting the past behind us and quit playing the worldly games and we quit following false teachers or yet Absalom and Jezebel Spirits and open our eyes to the real truth, I pray you do the same open your eyes, even now I am still praying for you before it too late.

So if you feel good to blast me, feel good to slander me, feel good to attack me and this place then knock yourself out, God know who is true to their hearts and in time will deal with you, God Bless you and may you have a great Day.





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