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Feature Videos and Audios and Sermons Page

Many Videos and Audios and Sermons are Listed below to Watch or Listen To. Hope you Enjoy them.

Up Dated 12/4/2017

The main purpose of this page to post all Christian videos and Audio Sermons for You to Listen to and with hopes you will be inspired by them."

This Site and the Chat Room is open to all, but what is preached must not be against the Kingdom of God and his Holy words.

Please Provide feedback of this page and let me know or make suggestions to me of other Inspired
Christian Audio and Videos that you enjoyed or watch. Thanks. BrotherJim.

Audio and Video Section Below.

Here are the Sermons preached by BrotherJim in the Christian Chat Audio Room in the last 3 years.

  • Sermons Preached by BrotherJim in Christian Chat Room Audio, Click Here
  • Up Dated 12/13/2017 - Sermons Added

    Here is a short video of RC Sproul getting on other commentators of asking why was God's wrath and punishment so severe
    and long lasting, he ends up telling them what's wrong with you people for asking such a question.

  • What's Wrong With You People, Click Here

  • Here is a short video of RC Sproul talking on he subject of Does God Hate the Sin but Love the Sinner?

  • Does God Hate the Sin but Love the Sinner?, Click Here

  • Are You willing to Die for the one who died for you?

  • Are You Ready To Die For Your Faith?, Click Here

  • Making a Decision to Serve Jesus or yourself.

  • The Stool, Click Here

  • Lighthouse Skit. Good one here, shows us of how one comes to Christ
    and at times is lured away by the things of the world. But shows us Jesus never gives up on us.

  • LightHouse Skit, Click Here

  • Wretched Website and Videos to watch, check them out.

  • Many Wretched Videos To Watch, Click Here

  • Here is a great Sermon for the Battle of the Mind by Adrian Rogers, Listen to it.

  • The Battle for Your Mind, Click Here

  • Here is another Sermon 5 Ways to Draw Closer to Jesus by Adrian Rogers, Listen to it.

  • 5 Ways to Draw Closer to Jesus, Click Here

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